Is Your Home Making You Sick? What You Can Do About It

The Air Quality In Your Home

Indoor air quality
can be even more polluted than outside, which can put your family in danger of becoming sick. From mold and toxic materials to dust and outdoor pollutants, there are several factors to tend to if you want to run a safe and healthy household. Here are some of the top tactics to implement into your home maintenance routine.

Keep a Clean (and Green) House

Cleaning your house on a regular basis can improve the air quality while keeping pet hair, dust, and outdoor pollutants at bay, but don’t contribute to the problem by using toxic products to do the job. While there are several green versions on the market, you can also whip up a simple DIY version using household ingredients such as white vinegar, peroxide, baking soda, lemons, and essential oils. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner that’s known for thoroughly picking up allergens and pet hair. Make it a household rule that everyone removes their shoes at the door to prevent harmful bacteria, toxic waste, and pesticides from being spread around your abode.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Improving air quality can be as simple as opening the windows, but other tactics include keeping the humidity between 30 and 50 percent to limit the growth of mold and the presence of dust mites, regularly changing the air filters in your heating and cooling system, avoiding synthetic fragrances (think room sprays, laundry products, and candles), adding air-filtering plants like English Ivy and snake plants, and making smokers go outside. Just keep in mind that doctors warn that harmful toxins can still be brought back into the home via clothes, skin, and hair.

Guard Against Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas (a silent killer) that could leak into your home from gas appliances, such as gas stoves and hot-water heaters. Make sure to install a carbon monoxide detector, preferably one with a long battery life and a loud warning sound for those with hearing problems, to keep you and your family safe. Also, consider bringing in professionals to test your home if you’re concerned there might be a problem.

Tie all the above elements together by investing in a quality air purifier to eliminate harmful pollutants and unwanted odors from your home. Even if you’re making an effort to remove toxic materials from your home, it can be difficult to completely avoid doing so. An air purifier works as a backup system to ensure each breath you take is as pure as possible.

Avoid Toxin-Laden Materials

In order to have a toxin-free home, you’ve simply got to avoid toxic materials. For example:

• Use paints and finishes that don’t emit toxins (VOCs.) There are an abundance of low- and zero-VOC paints available on the market today that don’t tie off harmful gases.

• Purchase furniture that doesn’t release formaldehyde, so avoid particle board, pressed wood, plywood, and medium density fiberboard. Opt for whole wood, glass, metal, or chrome. Avoid cushions and mattresses made from polyurethane foam, plastic, polyester, acrylic, or polyvinyl chloride.

• Be wary of clothing and linens that contain toxic chemicals in order to make them flame-retardant. It is possible to remove the chemicals by soaking the items in one cup of lemon juice per gallon of water for 48 hours or more.

• Choose a mattress made from natural cotton or natural latex.

• Avoid synthetic carpeting as it has been found to release toxic gases that contribute to poor indoor air quality. Opt for a natural fiber version instead. Consider replacing synthetic hardwood floors with healthier alternatives such as bamboo, cork, ceramic, terra cotta, or porcelain. If you go the wood route, pre-treated it before it’s installed — but not with polyurethane.

In Conclusion

It might seem impossible, but there’s a chance the air inside your home contains a number of pollutants that are harmful to your help. However, don’t let this fact frighten you. By following the steps detailed in this article, you can make major improvements to the overall quality of the air you breathe on a daily basis. It might take some work, but before long, you and your family can take a deep, fresh breath and sigh in relief — without worrying about your health.

Article by Charlotte Meier,
Photo Credit: Pixabay

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Are you buying or living near high tension overhead power wires?

Buying or Living Near Power Lines

If you are considering buying near high voltage power lines or currently live in a house near a power corridor and need to know whether it’s safe or not, you’re in the right place.

Despite under-informed naysayers, the fact is, high levels of Electric and Magnetic fields are generated by the power lines and studies are coming in to indicate long term proximity to power lines can cause cancer, childhood leukemia and other diseases.


EMF radiation is all around us

Electric and magnetic fields are generated wherever electricity is used – they are around us all the time in today’s world. Overhead power lines are one source but they are only one part of the picture. The wiring in your dream home may also be generating high levels of magnetic and electric radiation. The best solution is to have a professional test the home or condo with professional meters and interpret the results against the latest EMF research and guidelines.

What sort of overhead line is near me and how close is too close?

Overhead lines range from lower-voltage lines (“distribution lines”) on wood poles to higher-voltage lines (“transmission lines”) on lattice steel towers. Dangerous levels of  magnetic and electric radiation could exist at distances of 200 m to 800 meters. If in doubt, have us come out and do a measurement. Then you will know for sure!

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How to handle EMF questions for Real Estate Agents. We do pre-purchase inspections.

Real Estate Agents: How to handle your clients’ EMF concerns


With your help, your clients have found the perfect place. But there are power lines nearby (or a cell tower or or a transformer box). Now what?

Help them book a pre-purchase inspection with us.

We do EMF inspections and testing in Chicago and area. Costs are affordable. On-the-spot answer on the safety of the property. Complete written report is also provided.

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Want to buy a home near cell phone towers? Read this first.

Cellular technology has been compared to cigarettes of the 21st century by Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University. Whether you spend too much time on your mobile phone or are considering purchasing a home or condo near a cell tower or mast, the health risks are real.

Cell phone use

Contact us below for our guide. Refer to “Safe Cell Phone Quick Guide” in your subject line.

Cellular Towers and Masts

Contact us below for testing of the strength and effects of a nearby cell tower. We’ll measure the radio frequencies (RF) and tell you on the spot if it’s safe or not.

We measure harmful EMF radiation near cell towers & power lines. We also do complete EMF home and workplace inspections in Chicago, Northern Illinois and northern Indiana.

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Principal Consultant: Paul Singer
Chicago EMF Inspections

Living near, or buying a home near ComEd powerlines? Safety guidelines and testing services.

What distance from power lines is considered safe in the Chicago area? Recent studies indicate health problems where the distance is in the 300 to 600 yard range. But sometimes less… The only way to be sure is to have a test done.

We test for power line safety. Our EMF inspectors can come to your location to test the radiation levels and whether there is potential harm.

We are located in Chicago. Our EMF consultants measure and test the magnetic and electric energy radiating from ComEd high voltage powerlines. We can tell you whether the measured readings are considered safe according to the latest EMF safety research. Depending on the amount of power flowing through the lines and the distance, a safe distance could be relatively close or might be farther away than you expect. The only way to know for sure is to get a test done.

Studies have shown that living too close to high voltage power lines power transmission networks can cause cancer and other health issues. We measure harmful EMF radiation near power lines and do EMF home inspections in the greater Chicago area and all over norther Illinois and Indiana.


Near high voltage power lines in Chicago or suburbs? What is a safe distance from power lines?

We’re EMF inspectors who can test the strength and potential harm of close by power lines.

We are Chicago based EMF consultants who are available to measure and test the magnetic and electric energy radiating from power wires. Based on the best standards of safety so far available, we can tell you whether the measured readings are considered safe or not.

Studies have concluded that living too close to high voltage power lines & power transmission networks can cause cancer and a growing list of other health issues.

We measure harmful EMF radiation near power lines and do EMF home inspections in Chicago, Northern Illinois and northern Indiana.

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High voltage power lines
High voltage power lines

We perform EMF inspections in Chicago and surrounding area.

Our EMF testing service is available in the greater Chicago area.

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A typical EMF inspection includes testing of the entire dwelling from an electromagnetic standpoint. We use professional gauss meters to find out where the “hot spots” are.

Our team has hundreds of hours of research, and is continually taking courses and training to keep up on the latest in EMF information. We are closely associated with the EMF filter manufacturer and with a prominent scientist who is at the forefront of EMF research.

If you have health concerns about overhead power lines, mobile cell phone towers or about the invisible EMFs of your electrical wiring system, appliances, etc., then this may be for you. Employers may wish to evaluate employee workspaces for Health and Safety purposes. We will identify electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and dirty electricity.

We use professional EMF meters to detect EMFs at their source. First we will give you a verbal summary of our findings. Then we’ll provide the results of the survey in a written report. It will show the location and intensity of EMFs within the property and give practical steps on how they can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost. One of the solutions we will recommend is the installation of Graham-Stetzer filters in your place. They filter out much of the dangerous high frequency energy. We’re getting reports of health changing results from our clients.

We measure for:

  1. Harmful magnetic frequencies (aiming for below 1 milligaus and ideally below 0.2 mG)
  2. Harmful electrical frequencies (aiming for less than about 20 volts per meter and ideally below 6 V/m)
  3. Harmful radio frequencies (aiming for low row readings where safe varies by frequency)

The cost of a survey depends on the complexity of the situation, size of property and distance from our office downtown.

EMF inspections start from as little as $350 for full surveys, and neighbouring properties may be able to share the cost of a survey if you choose to set it up. Please get in touch for details and a competitive estimate.

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