Living near, or buying a home near ComEd powerlines? Safety guidelines and testing services.

What distance from power lines is considered safe in the Chicago area? Recent studies indicate health problems where the distance is in the 300 to 600 yard range. But sometimes less… The only way to be sure is to have a test done.

We test for power line safety. Our EMF inspectors can come to your location to test the radiation levels and whether there is potential harm.

We are located in Chicago. Our EMF consultants measure and test the magnetic and electric energy radiating from ComEd high voltage powerlines. We can tell you whether the measured readings are considered safe according to the latest EMF safety research. Depending on the amount of power flowing through the lines and the distance, a safe distance could be relatively close or might be farther away than you expect. The only way to know for sure is to get a test done.

Studies have shown that living too close to high voltage power lines power transmission networks can cause cancer and other health issues. We measure harmful EMF radiation near power lines and do EMF home inspections in the greater Chicago area and all over norther Illinois and Indiana.