Are you buying or living near high tension overhead power wires?

Buying or Living Near Power Lines

If you are considering buying near high voltage power lines or currently live in a house near a power corridor and need to know whether it’s safe or not, you’re in the right place.

Despite under-informed naysayers, the fact is, high levels of Electric and Magnetic fields are generated by the power lines and studies are coming in to indicate long term proximity to power lines can cause cancer, childhood leukemia and other diseases.


EMF radiation is all around us

Electric and magnetic fields are generated wherever electricity is used – they are around us all the time in today’s world. Overhead power lines are one source but they are only one part of the picture. The wiring in your dream home may also be generating high levels of magnetic and electric radiation. The best solution is to have a professional test the home or condo with professional meters and interpret the results against the latest EMF research and guidelines.

What sort of overhead line is near me and how close is too close?

Overhead lines range from lower-voltage lines (“distribution lines”) on wood poles to higher-voltage lines (“transmission lines”) on lattice steel towers. Dangerous levels of  magnetic and electric radiation could exist at distances of 200 m to 800 meters. If in doubt, have us come out and do a measurement. Then you will know for sure!

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Want to buy a home near cell phone towers? Read this first.

Cellular technology has been compared to cigarettes of the 21st century by Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University. Whether you spend too much time on your mobile phone or are considering purchasing a home or condo near a cell tower or mast, the health risks are real.

Cell phone use

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Cellular Towers and Masts

Contact us below for testing of the strength and effects of a nearby cell tower. We’ll measure the radio frequencies (RF) and tell you on the spot if it’s safe or not.

We measure harmful EMF radiation near cell towers & power lines. We also do complete EMF home and workplace inspections in Chicago, Northern Illinois and northern Indiana.

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